Stayin' Up Late / Mike Goes to the Mall (singles)

by Mike + Ruthy

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Happy Holidays 2016! Here are a couple of tunes for ya. "Stayin' Up Late" is Ruthy's sleep-deprived jazz ballad, written when our first kid was about 18 months old and recorded this year in our studio. "Mike Goes To The Mall" is Mike's talking blues, delivered live at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago a couple of years ago. Somehow these songs seemed like they belonged together.


released December 21, 2016

Stayin' Up Late:

Ruthy Ungar - vocal
Ken Maiuri - piano
Jacob Silver - bass
Konrad Meissner - drums
Recorded and Mixed by Adam Armstrong
at Humble Abode Music, West Hurley, NY

Mike Goes To The Mall:

Mike Merenda - vocal, guitar
Ruthy Ungar - harmony vocal, tamborine
Live recording from Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, IL



all rights reserved


Mike + Ruthy Woodstock, New York

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Track Name: Stayin' Up Late
I'm thinking of stayin' up late tonight
Babe I hope that's alright with you
I'm takin' myself out on a date tonight
For tea and cookies in the living room

I want to remember what it's like tonight
To be all by myself for an hour or two
I've gotta get up early and I could use the rest
But this is the best thing that I can do

When I was a girl, my imaginary friends
They'd all show up for tea and other games
I'd invite them tonight but I'm embarrassed to say
That I don't remember any of their names

There's so many lonely people in this world tonight
And peace and quiet overflow their empty cup
And I wouldn't change my chaos for their solitude
But it's gonna start the minute I get up

So let the night roll in, let that old earth spin
And baby, I know you can relate
I'm havin' tea and cookies in the living room
Tonight I'm gonna stay up late

©2016 Ruth Ungar / Shake Sugaree Music, ASCAP
Track Name: Mike Goes to the Mall
There I was
A typical American circlin' around the parking lot
Looking for a closer spot
I'd been sent out for diapers
What I found out is that the nicest view of sunset in the entire Hudson Valley is from the front stoop of the Best Buy
A little part of me died that day, folks
A little part of me died

When I die won't you bury me
By the side of the deep blue sea
When I lie in my grave
Didn't I love all that's sacred?

I walked into Target
I was greeted by a teenage girl wearing reindeer antlers and a big red nose
Everything around us was wrapped in plastic
I walked into the store, there was an entire wall of converse all-stars
Same shoes I was wearing on my feet
So I thought I'd try some on
Seein' as they were my style
Only $19.99
When I put that shoe on my foot it didn't feel right
It didn't look right either
I took it off, I looked under the tongue
It said "Made in China"
The great American shoe
A little part of me died that day, Chuck Taylor
A little part of me died

When I die won't you bury me
By the side of the deep blue sea
When I lie in my grave
Didn't I love all that's sacred?

I needed a walk
So I walked
I ended up in the electronics section
Surrounded by 500 high-definition color TVs
All showing the same National Geographic "Into the Wilderness" special
There was a close up of a caribou snout
Breathing great clouds of steam out of two wet nostrils
All of a sudden all 1000 of those caribou eyes made contact with mine
They seemed to be sayin'
"Do something, Mike. Do Something."

©2016 Mike Merenda / Shake Sugaree Music, ASCAP